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My Previous Life


I grew up in Lebanon at a time when the smell of war shells was always in the air.

It was 1989. While I was studying Business at the American University of Beirut, I decided to open a small shoe repair shop. 

I took this decision because I wanted to be my own boss.

Proudly, I had a lot of success running Bigfoot Shoe Repair.  Being 21 years old, making a lot of money; or I thought I was! 

I considered my future to be in shoe repair until one day at work, I received an old man walking in for his shoes resoling; they were custom fabricated to accommodate his foot problems. He was concerned because the specialist who made his shoes was not available anymore (Later I learned that this shoe maker was kidnapped and disappeared during the civil war). 

The customer was a physician and, knowing that I was a university graduate, he said that I should not repair shoes but instead become “Bottier Orthopediste” (Orthopedic shoemaker). He said also that the same job I served him for $10, I could have charged $100 for, had a small paper been hanging on my wall; a diploma.


These words inspired me and I was so lucky to join a Prosthetic-Orthotic Program.

I graduated again in 1994 and re-founded Bigfoot Orthopedics.


I went later to France for additional studies in Pedorthics. 

Pedorthic knowledge and shoe experience blended well at Bigfoot: The first in the Middle East to introduce Cad Cam Orthotics, moving later to a better location in Beirut, and eventually exporting therapeutic shoes to France. 

Bigfoot had many successful stories!


In July 2006, another war period made me consider immigration. 

When we have a family, we think children first! I therefore sold and moved to Canada in June 2008.




Certified from the College of Pedorthics Canada

Member of the Pedorthic Association Canada

Member of the The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics

Many years of experience in traditional and digital orthotic techniques

I can serve you in French, English, and more.

CadCam expert in systems related to orthotics.


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Why Choose Podocanada

Manage Your Foot Pain In Comfortable Attractive Footwear


We fit you in footwear designed for your foot type, lifestyle and medical conditions.

Custom Orthotics That Fit Your Style Of Shoes


Your feet will be placed in the hands of a trained professional who will provide you with state-of-the-art foot solutions that can offer immediate relief from painful foot conditions.
To name some: Plantar Fasciitis, Hyper-pronation, metatarsalgia, shin splint, heel spur, hammer toes,..

Recognized by health insurance providers


We fill your medical prescriptions for footwear, orthotics, compression hosiery, braces and foot care products.
We coordinate with your insurance

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Years of Experience

30 +

Continuing Education

100 +

Orthotics Fabricated

40000 +

Happy Clients

10000 +

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