CAD CAM Services



This page is addressed to professionals looking for computerized orthotic fabrication.


We are offering an orthotic CADCAM that will allow you to scan and fabricate in your lab using high-end technology.

The system consists of a 3D scanner and a CNC milling machine


Technology save you on material, storage space, and time.

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Easy to operate

Capable of scanning foot, foam box, or plaster mould

Your choice of milling positive ready to vacuum or EVA orthotics.

Additional cost if you want to mill polypropylene

In line with CPC & PAC requirements

Can mill one pair at a time (additional cost if you want to mill more than one pair at a time)

Unlimited choice of milling blanks

This is not a central fab

You do not share with us your client data

Your cost varies depending on the volume


For more info contact Sal Sabbagh 613-746-9292

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